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May. 28th, 2008


Hey Everyone! so anyways our pancake turned out Purple so yeah.... not so good. But um everythings well! Grade 9 Grads coming up soon so exited. Otherwise im pretty bored haha. i told myself i'd start posting more. its just cause im never home *le sigh*  Anyhows i gotta logg of before me teacher catches me so bye bye!



Well yet again its been a while... and im having a bit of trouble with something.heres the story.

This morning im sitting in my bed and i realize  i've never ever made pancake's without the mix in the box. yeah weird huh? i have no clue where to start. and uh zac coming over in like half an hour, and i dont know how to make pancake's.... i can make apple and cherry cake. but not pancakes. why are the even called pancakes now that i think of it. its not like we grind metal pans into the mix. i mean what do we acctually even put in it? eggs? flour??? should we be calling it egg cakes or like flour cakes....Who's idea was this...*ramble ramble ramble* 

Well then fi anyone out there can tell me how to make pancakes it'd be much appreciated. like [_______________________________________________________________________________________________] This much kay <3 

In other words I gotst my blood tested. they were not very good at the needle part either. It took them 4 tries. i mean owie....  well the forst nurse lady was new so i forgave her for the first time. But when she missed the second time i was like you got to be kidding me. then a really bitchy nurse came along. and wass all like i'll do it *RAWR* and i felt bad so im all like "dont mess up! Dont mess up! awwwwwww your missed " yeah she missed and i was all like *stupid bitch* in my head  and started laughing. then she's like "what are you laughing for?" ( BTW im not acctually expecting you to read this hence my bad grammer)  anyways the older nice lady came and acctaully got the blood so it was over then. kinda funny. at least from my view. so if it turns out i have like Aids or lukimia or tuberculosis or a bad hemoglobin count or diabetis or high colesteral, anything that will make life suck miserable or kill me, i'll go on a mission to finish my bucket list. if i ever finish my list.... im on # 85 okay... but honsetly i think if i had AIDS i'd laugh.... as bad as it sounds i'd laugh just cause i make so many stupid comments about it and i get it. How Ironic would that be?  anyways i gotta go write up my list so i'll write again later.    

its been a while

Well its been a while but im back! Things are pretty cool! I have a piano recital today! im Hella Nervous! lok OMA! nerve racking fear!. 
So if i could Vote for a new president i'd Vote for Obama! cause he is the son of Allah! and he has songs written after him! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjXyqcx-mYY  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghSJsEVf0pU&feature=related There not too bad i must say!

anyhow i have to get ready to go now. gotta practice my two songs.XD The songs i chose this recital are Speak Softly, Love from the Godfather, and When September ends by Greenday! Ima suck at it just wait *twitch*

No more red hair!

Well today was so funny waking up with black hair!
I got home and looked in a mirror  and was like WTF!? who's that. 
my mom ended up being a total bitch about it. She said i looked worse than the dogT^T   ( who we dyed pink btw)XD
But she likes it alot better now! she sais she was just shocked. My dad just saw it this morning lol and he likes it OMG!?!?! he's being really nice so i like hanging out with him now.
So i'll post some pics later!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Sad days

Well its been 4 years since my best friend Robbie died. And yesterday they took his brother off life support, after he attempted suicide.  I really dont want to have fun this Valentines day. Robbie was supposed to ask me out. and i keep thinking of him and crying. He drowned trying to save his dog when he fell through the ice. Dylan i just learnt jumped off the brindge right around here he died. His parents are getting divorced. they were only together because of the children anyways. Thats pretty much the story. I miss him so much. I feel crushed just writing about it. I really dont know what to do anymore. i cant find a reason to smile ..... And i cant really go to the counslers cause there gay hippies. I cant make it down to go to his funeral either. My friend tylers going, apparently there having him burried besides his brother. I hope things get better. i know Robbie woundl want me to be sad. But i cant help it. I loved him, And i dont think i'll ever find someone as perfect as he was. He Never got mad ever. And he could run super fast. He was smart and was always so friendly! Him and his brother were close. I hate to say im not too surprised he would try something like that. I just didnt think he'd go through with it and succed. That all i really have to say. Hope things cheer up.



                                           "Everyone will miss you and still love you"

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